Shoe Authenticity?

All products are 100% authentic, deadstock as in new purchased straight from the retailers with no exception. At SW3 there is no room for any fake news or fake replicas, If a shoe needs sourcing it will be only done through Nike directly or StockX and similar trustworthy online retailers/resellers to ensure authenticity. We pride ourselves and take full responsibility on this matter, never will a replica shoe pass through this warehouse!

Official Collaborators?

We are in no way associated with the shoe brands in any official manner as of yet. When it comes to our ready to wear, each are artistically hand-painted/crafted individually to create our own unique one-off works of art for all to admire and collect.


The design, creation and artwork process of each unique piece is closely monitored during its journey. From initial receipt of your order at our warehouse and movement to and from the artist, to the strict quality control procedures in place to ensure you receive your product safe & securely with no chance of defect in transit. Trust the SW3 process!

Wear and Tear?

Like any other works of art you wear and care for it with ease as long as you don't intentionally harm them they will last you a lifetime. We try and preserve the artwork as much as we can by adding the well trusted paint finisher process in a lab like manner, which ensures water & scratch resistance. Take care of them, they will take care of you! Like any new pair of your favourite shoes.


Our shoes are stored in almost laboratory-like conditions from the moment of your order till we despatch your masterpiece to you. After completion, transported from the artists back to our holding facility to seal and protect the art, wrapping, packaging the finished artworks prior to final despatch ensuring the finished article arrives with our client in pristine condition and in a manner befitting any unique work of art.


We take into account the many aspects of design; style of canvas used, intricacy of art, and time spent creating each individual artwork, when individually pricing our pieces. Hard to put a price on fine art, yet to have it as easy as a click away without dealing with any hassle or auction, is reflected within the pricing while still giving you the ability to purchase never seen before artworks for affordable prices...Who knows how much your piece WILL be worth 5, 10 years from now…


Our shoes are considered to be an iconic one off work of art. Once sold all art sales are final. No exchanges or returns can be made so double check your orders specifications, and triple check your size!

Precautionary Measures?

Due to the world pandemic, we have taken additional measures to insure you that each artwork has been hygienically sprayed with proper sterilisation liquids that do not cause any damage to the artwork.

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